How to promote a site on Google?

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Google is the No.1 search engine in the entire world and we have more trusted on the given results. Right Now all of them need Google to know about anything. So Google is the best choice to inform about your site details, Product details and service details among the people. We are not go to the second or third page to check the information. Then how to promote a site to first page? The answer is Search Engine Optimization. Yes, SEO only helps to achieve that on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What is SEO?
SEO is an acronyms for Search Engine Optimization. It helps to promote a site to certain keywords on google. We don’t pay for anything. SEO is classified as On Page Optimization and Off page Optimization.
Search Engine Optimization
On Page Optimization It means make some changes on your site as per search engine guidelines to create a site for both search engine and user friendly. Some important on page SEO techniques are

Keyword Optimization – We get more traffic while do the keyword optimization properly. Keywords are user search queries. Google calculates the search counts in monthly basis to all keywords. View that by using Google adwords tool. This tool helps to select your site related keywords which have more search counts. Competition level is not a matter. Other Google keywords tools are Google Insights and Google Trends.

Keyword Stemming - It means use plural terms to your target keywords. It helps to avoid the method of keyword stuffing. For instance my target keywords are "property site" and "property sites". "Property Sites" is better than "property site,property sites".

Keyword Acronyms - It means a word formed from initial letters of the several words. For instance SEO. A site has good position to both SEO and Serach Engine optimization on google when it has more quality and quantity.

Title Tag optimization – Include the selected keywords on title tag. Don't use any special characters to separate the key words. Use comma, hypen and horizantal or vertical bar if need symbols. Title tag is used on two important places are Search Engine Result page(SERP) and the top of the browser. Google and the surfers analyze the site services, advantages, product details and anything by the title tag. So the title is short and more descriptive. The title tag should be 63- 65 characters.

Meta Description Tag optimization – Meta description is appeared below to the title on SERP. It also helps to the same purpose like title. It should be 150 to 160 characters.

Meta Keywords Tag Optimization -
It should be 250 characters. Google is not give more important to it than Yahoo and Bing. My suggestion is don't use it. Because some bodies have little chaces to find the taget keywords of competitor sites.
Image Optimization – We can get traffic by Images. How? The answer is add Alt(alternate) Tag to images. Because the Images are not read by Search engine crawlers. Alt tag merely helps to Crawlers to identify the image. Use only relevant name in alternate tag. your images appear when the users search query matches to your image alt text.

Important HTML tags – It helps to make a content structure properly. Use h1, h2 and h3 tags to your heading or sub heading. Use the keywords as heading.

URL Optimization – Try to avoid special characters become in url. Because It is very difficult to read for both users and search engines. Static URL is indexed rapidly than dynamic url.

Check Canonical URL Issue – It occurs when your domain works with www and non www. From search engine eyes, the following domains are not alike and Search engines consider those as duplicate content. Redirect the url from non www to www or vice versa to rectify the problems.

Add Robots.txt – It requires when you want a certain page prevents from crawling. Don’t forget to mention your sitemap path in robots.txt file. It uploads in your site root domain. For instance

Add Sitemap – Sitemap available in html and xml formats. Sitemap.html is user friendly. It has the list of important links of inner pages. It is used for navigation purpose. Sitemap.xml is search engine friendly. The crawling process of Google starts from previous crawling report and the list of sitemap.xml submitted by webmasters. It helps to inform about the site inner pages to search engines. Sitemap.html & Sitemap.xml shoul be updated in root directory like robots.txt.

Keyword Density
– keyword density is total number of keywords divided by the total number of words. The keyword density should be 3% to 5 %. It helps to increase the site relevancy to certain keywords on search engine eyes.

Unique Content - Content is the king. Don’t copy the content from other sites. It breaks the search engine rules. Google penalize to use the duplicate content.

Bold or Italic or Underline
- Give bold option to important words like keywords in the content. It helps to increase the weight of site to particular keywords on google eyes.

Anchor Text - Use this option properly. All inner pages should be link from other web pages. Use the keywords as anchor text. For instance
"10 useful SEO tools" is better than "click here".

Off Page Optimization - It means keep works an outside of your site to certain keywords. First submit your site on Goolge. Then submit the sitemap.xml by uisng Google webmaster tools.we will target upto three or four keywords. One Way link building techiques assist to promote a website to certain keywords.on SERP.
One Way Link buildingSome important One way link building techniques are
  1. General Directory
  2. Social Bookmarking
  3. Forum
  4. Blog Commenting
  5. Niche Directory
  6. Article
  7. Press Release
  8. Web 2.0 Sites
  9. Link Wheel
Notes: Google consider only the dofollow links as back links. Dofollow means follow the link, index the page on SERP, pass the link juice and consider the link as back link. so keep your off page seo works on dofollow sites.

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Meta Description Tag Optimization

Meta Tag Optimization

  • Maximum length of the Meta Description tag should be 150 to 160 characters.
  • It should be unique.
  • Write your description by very simple and it should be within that limit. At the same time it should explain about your site briefly.
  • Your target keywords must be repeated once. It helps to increase the weight of your certain keywords on search engine eyes and human eyes.
  • Include your contact number. It helps to the visitors whom use the Skype to make a call.
Notes: Write your description as both search engine and user friendly. It appears down to the title section on SERP. Users almost identify the site which one is more related to the search query by using the description.So optimize your description tag correctly!

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Title Tag Optimization

  • Include the keywords or key phrases from your keyword analysis report.
  • We can’t promote the single word like SEO, Blog and etc easily than SEO Blog.
  • Don’t use any symbols on title tag.
  • Use hyphen, comma and vertical or horizontal pipe if need any symbols.
  • Maximum characters in title tag should be between 63 and 65. Why? Means, The Google allocate within that spaces to title on SERP. Google only displays the snippet when your title tag exceeds that limit. (Sometimes it may be interrupt for users satisfaction) So the title should be short and more descriptive.

  • Create your key words look as plural term. It helps to avoid the repetition of keywords.
  • Include simple words such as latest, useful, awesome and etc, with numbers, region, product name or the benefits of the business service on your title tag. For instance: 10 useful SEO Tips and Tricks.
  • Don’t use same title tag on all pages.
  • Keep the Keyword order properly. For instance my target keyword is “SEO Blog”. So put “SEO Blog” on title tag and don’t put “Blog SEO”.
  • Keyword Proximity, means try to reduce the gap between two key words. For example optimize the following title tag to “SEO blog” Latest SEO tips | SEO Blog easily than SEO | SEM | SMO Blog .
Notes: Title Tag optimization is a good factor for promoting your website or business service through on SERP. It is used on the very two important places are SERP and the top of the browser when anybody visit a site . So optimize your title tag on both search engine and user friendly.

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Keyword Optimization

For Why?
  • Keyword optimization is the best sense of an On Page SEO. It can only increase your business service visibility or make an awesome count on sale through Search Engines.
For What?
  • Right Now we are living in the technology world not in the world. Internet plays a vital role in human’s life. So all of us need the help of search engines like Google when we are trying to know about anything. Google strictly follow the rule that don’t give the unrelated results to the visitors query. All of us knew that still now google follow it very well. So we can only tell our site relevancy to google by this way.
keywors optimizationFor How?
  • Keyword optimization is the pulse of marketing through internet.Google adwords tool is the best online tool for optimizing the new keywords. It is the google product. We don't need to pay for anything. It provides the results on monthly basis.
  • A Google adwords tool offers two ways for searching keywords. First one is searching by keywords. Another option is searching by Domain. Enter the captcha correctly before you want to view the result as per your selection.
  • Google also gives advanced option to satisfy the visitors. How? Means, you have a chance to find the keywords with your country search counts. For instance, if I want to select the new keywords and like to target those keywords on Indian search engine (India users) means I can change the country by using advanced option. You can also have an option to select the certain language which you are needed.
Google Adwords tool
  • Click search box and the results are display on your eyes with in a moment. The results are displayed by relevance option. You can switch that option easily by clicking competition, local and Global monthly searches or select your option in combo box. For downloading, selct your keywords by clicking square box or star. click the download box and then you select the file format type what you want.
Notes: select the keywords which have more related to your sites and also have more search counts. For new site, select low competitive keywords. At the same time you must keep an eye on keyword search counts.

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